• Rosh HaShana Preparation  —  Yerushalayim 5778
  • What Is a Rabbi?  —  Given at the Montefiore Semicha Programme, 5775
  • The Sefer Torah 5776  —  הכנסת ספר תורה לכבוד הרב
  • The Beverly Hills Rebbe 5775  —  שלשים לפטירתו של דניאל ארנל זצ"ל
  • Bereishit: A Life-Changing Comma 5777  —  This shiur was presented at the Bar Mitzva of Efraim Rybak
  • Eglon & Historic War 5776 Theme
    A brief but powerful analysis of the strange interaction of Eglon and Ehud in Sefer Shofetim and its implications for understanding the Torah's vision of the place of war in Yisrael identity. This shiur was part of an Advanced Nach series.
  • A New Place for Tefilla 5776  —  Delivered in Maida Vale, London for Pre-Shavuot
  • The Britot 5775 Theme
    A brief description of the Britot haTorah, taken from the Daf Yomi of Sotah 37. It changes one's perception of the world of Torah and Mitzva in which we are meant to thrive!
  • Dayenu 5776  —  Delivered to Agudas Yisrael-Magen Avos in Detroit, Pesach 5776
  • Visions of Geula