Below you will find links to various podcasts offered by The Living Tree. Daf Yomi and Nach feeds are offered to all users. Other podcasts are limited to paying subscribers.

Click on the podcast category below to open up access to the feed URL(s) for that specific category.

The “premium” podcasts offered only to paying subscribers are password protected. Users with access will see their username and password below to use with their podcast app. Please note that this password is different from the password you use to access The Living Tree. You can change it, however, to anything you want.

****Please note: The username and password are case-sensitive!

Unfortunately, password protected podcasts are built upon a fairly old technology. Because of this, only a small minority of podcast apps properly support this functionality. In our experience, RSSRadio for iOS and Podcast Addict for Android are the best options that fully support password protected podcast feeds.

Daf Yomi

Nach Yomi