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  • Popular Hukat  —  Presented in 1985 at Orthodox Union Israel Center

  • Advanced Hukat  —  "Advanced FrameWorks" Series presented to Kollel Fellows, 1995 Theme
    The difference between משפט וחוק is the difference between fair and fact; between השגחה פרטית and expression of will; between נס and פורים; between הכאת הסלע and דברתם אל הסלע; between תורה שבכתב and תורה שבעל פה. The nature of true להקדישני is defined here as the קל וחומר of Moshe: imparting the vision of חוק which involves chaos by definition just as ultimate physical חוק involves chaos and פורים/probability. Death and the concept of ירושה as a chain of existence through which חוק becomes משפט. The relationship of chaos to paradox (and שירה); of disintegration to integration; and of death to life. זכרם לא יסוף מזרעם and נצח are linked in the totality of possibilities that משה with a נשמה מעולם התוהו could be linked to, open through the זאת התורה אדם כי ימות באהל, the sacrifice of the comfort of personal place in a world of chance, living always with death. The לוייה, who are פורק מעל צוארם עול החשבונות הרבים, continue to exist in a world of אמת, for they are the מלווי in a מדבר of תוה''ו יליל ישימון, and therefore חוקת is above all their story, the important center of ספר במדבר, the book of לוי.


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