The Living Tree

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The Living Tree works to integrate the faces and facets of Torah across the generations;
to unaffectedly subsume the physical and biological sciences;
to creatively assimilate the insights of psychology, philosophy, literature and the arts…
Through a myriad of sources in thousands of Shiurim on hundreds of topics, The Living Tree presents an authentic and rigorous new paradigm... an emerging shape of reality revealing Torah's elegant, vigorous, and intensely mature framework for experiencing our universe and living our lives.
Hilchot Teshuva

A comprehensive vision of Rambam’s Hilchot Teshuva, exposing the inimitable and strikingly novel conceptual structures and paradigms of the Rambam, offering a workable vision of Teshuva unlike any other.


A guide through the thicket of misunderstandings, superstitions, misrepresentations, preconceptions, and popular assumptions which have recently turned Jewish life on its head, offering a serious path for a personal quest to true Avoda.


A practical model for utilizing Torah’s guidance and insights as tools for personal development, working through internal conflicts, and resolving the confusions stemming from incongruities between self, aspirations, beliefs and reality.

Middot Hayom

The 49 days of the Sefirat ha’Omer are linked to the kabbalisticaly well-defined 7x7 nested structure of Creation itself, the matrix of God's direction of the cosmos, and the bedrock of human psychology, relationships and wholeness.

This matrix is a coherent system that develops all the multiplicity of interconnections between its elements. Working at low resolution this framework can be applied to each element of the framework itself to yield increasingly greater resolutions and detail.

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